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Our Technology

Serving Your Customers Seamlessly

Torus Rails is a global technology solution that makes financial transaction systems run the way their customers think they already do.

Torus Rails is a network of networks that provides infrastructure support to partner banks and financial institutions to ensure compatibility across transaction systems by connecting all on-ramps and off-ramps for financial transactions with truly seamless, secure, and speedy connections.

Torus Global is radically changing transaction facilitation across networks and allowing your customers to escape the chains of network lock-in.

1. A customer uses a payment method to make a purchase. Today a consumer has multiple platforms at their disposal to pay for a transaction, all linked to a Point of Sales system to initiate the transaction.


2. The point of sale system accepts the payment information.


3. Here’s where it gets good. Today these customers’ transactions flow through a Point of Sale system and within closed networks. However, the Torus Rails technology solution ends this network lock-in.


4. Improving the business-business-consumer path Torus Rails allows for any type of system to be leveraged on behalf of the consumer by delivering transaction solutions across multiple networks. Within an environment of open networks facilitated by Torus Rails, systems can now inter-operate with a broad spectrum of these various sources of consumer wealth.


5. The consumer and your customer wins. eWallet vendors, payment networks, and banks around the world that understand the value of providing additional flexibility for existing customers will recognize the importance of bringing these disparate rails together through the Torus Global solution. Private payment networks can also operate with a whole range of options through a single unified front-end interface, regardless of the back end. This is a technological solution that allows everyone to move forward in the ever-evolving world of financial transactions.


Torus is broad technology, allowing this same transformation for corporate payments, trade settlement, and the broader marketplace.