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Folow us

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Our Vision

Merging Experience and Technology

The foundation of Torus Global was developed by a team of experts with deep retail and institutional technical transactional experience who are leveraging this experience to create a high-performance platform for the future of frictionless transactions. Highlights of our team are:

  • More than 90 years of experience of ensuring institutional transactions flow where even one minute of downtime can result in millions of USD in losses
  • We possess strong global consumer-transaction experience resulting in millions of cards and mobile endpoints for transaction flow

With the advent of increased computing capabilities, Crypto-Chains, and consumer-empowerment technology, the tools now exist to transform the business model of finance from institutions holding capital, controlling its use, and charging fees, to one of an empowered consumer, where the institutions that facilitate the customers’ transactions pay for the privilege of utilizing their assets.

Our Global Payments Solution

To accelerate the adoption of this model for consumers and institutions, Torus Global developed Torus Rails, a global network of transaction infrastructure and services allowing FinTech companies and established Financial Services institutions to rapidly transform their business models to consumers’ evolving expectations and empowerment for the 21st century.


Torus Global. Because eventually the world will really work the way everyone thinks it should.